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    It’s been a few days since I have updated this blog with news of Dave’s condition. I’ve tried to update Facebook, especially by sharing the regular Facebook updates from KC.
    It has been three weeks since I first hurried to my brother’s bedside in the hospital ICU. As usual I was in a hurry. I left a packed week at Calvary but my greater concern for Dave pulled me away. My hopes were for a quick recovery. Let’s figure this out, get him some medicine and be on our way. I wanted to snap my fingers at a few doctors and say, “Let’s get with this OK?” My prayers to God were, “Heal him, now.”
    I’m not a stranger to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) found in major hospitals. I’ve been visiting them for 30 years. Almost 3 weeks ago my brother David fell ill and has been in critical condition since then. I’ve spent hours sitting in the waiting room and by his bedside and it occurred to me that you learn some powerful life lessons in the ICU.
    My brother David Rice fell seriously ill this past week with a pulmonary infection of unknown origin. Here are some brief updates originally posted on Facebook for those who desire an update.
    Great things are happening in Pittsburgh! God is clearly working at Calvary and leading us to focus on church planting in the near future. As part of our strategic partnerships with Southern Baptist churches across the United States, Calvary has accepted the responsibility to be a lead partner to plant churches in Pittsburgh as part of our Send North America strategy. As we’ve been praying and studying about opportunities to plant churches in Pittsburgh, God has been moving by opening doors and directing hearts.
    Recently, some SBC leaders and friends approached me and asked me to consider allowing my name to be nominated for President of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference. Given my great regard for these leaders, my sense of deep obligation to Southern Baptists, and a sense of peace, I have agreed to allow the nomination.
    Our new message series “The Blessing” begins this weekend. I’m very excited about this series and hope you’ll join us this weekend for this teaching that focuses on how to pass on God’s favor to the next generation.
    Easter weekend is always special and this year was one of the most memorable.
    You can help us this upcoming Easter weekend, to welcome new people and create the best environment for guests to hear the gospel message. This weekend will be the largest crowds of the entire year and you can help us create the right environment. It is so crucial. Here are some things you can do to help.
    This will be a time when our focus is on the Kingdom of God, and praying for God to move with fresh power in our lives, our families, our church and our nation.