Calvary Baptist Church FLLiving by Example

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    Our Mission

    Building Relationships to Bring People
    to Dynamic Life in Christ

    Building Relationships
    We are made for relationships. Loneliness was the first thing God said was not good. We are made for a relationship with God and for relationships with people. Building relationships is the key to finding and fulfilling God's purpose for life. It is the key step in building a bridge to reach those on the outside so that they can experience dynamic life in Christ.

    By building healthy relationships with God and others, we take the first step in fulfilling our mission.

    Bringing People
    Come and see for yourself! That was Phillip's invitation to his friend Nathanael in John 1:45-46. That simple invitation resulted in a changed life. Come hear for yourself, come see for yourself, come experience for yourself. Is there anything more powerful than a simple invitation?

    Our church is a place where people can come and see for themselves. They can witness a loving community. They can hear the truth in a clear way. They can experience the power of the truth. It can happen if we bring them.

    To Dynamic Life in Christ
    Jesus said, "I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly" (John 10:10). Deep down it is what we all crave; real life. We are made for a life of purpose, fullfilment, meaning, and joy. Jesus alone can give us real life, dynamic life.

    It can happen when ordinary people build relationships and bring people. It happens when people just like you and me hear the good news and discover the reality of God for themselves. It can happen when ordinary people begin to learn and grow. It happens when meaningful relationships are formed and people learn how to talk to God, listen to God, and walk in obedience to God. With Jesus, we build life's most important relationship; our relationship with God. Jesus came so that we, and others, can know and experience dynamic life. This is our VISION FOR LIFE.

    God offers us new life. DYNAMIC life. The word DYNAMIC represents seven life-long principles that help us grow in our faith and discover the dynamic life that God has for us. DYNAMIC stands for:
    D - "Delight in God's Truth"
    Y - "Yield Some Time to God"
    N - "Nurture Authentic Community"
    A - "Actively Serve Others"
    M - "Magnify God With Passion"
    I - "Invest in God's Kingdom"
    C - "Contagiously Influence Others"

    To learn more about these seven principles, click here to access the Discover Dynamic Life video lessons.