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    Group Connect

    What is Group Connect?
    We believe that people who are connected in a small group go further faster in their walk with Jesus. The primary way we help people find a group at Calvary is an event called Group Connect. This is a two-hour event where people connect with each other to form Community Groups. We don't place you in a group; you choose your own!

    That's great, but...

    What is a Community Group?
    A Community Group is a group of 12-16 people who meet weekly throughout the community. The purpose of the group is to build relationships with each other and to encourage one another to become more like Jesus. You will be asked to make an initial commitment to your Community Group for 6 - 8 weeks. You will spend that time getting to know each other and discussing the Bible. At the end of that time, you will choose to either continue with your group, or to look for a Life Class to be a part of until our next Group Connect event.

    to register now for the August 24th Group Connect at either our Clearwater or East Lake campus!