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    Mission Journeys year, hundreds of Calvary’s members and friends travel around the globe as a part of any number of Mission Journeys. As a part of these Journeys, participants serve in various ways to build relationships to bring people to a DYNAMIC life in Christ.

    From medical clinics, to Vacation Bible School, to building homes in the Dominican Republic, the experience of a Mission Journey is life-changing.

    Answer the Call! Jesus said to, “go and make disciples of all nations…” (The Great Commission, Matt. 28:19-20) He wasn’t just talking to the “super” Christians; He was talking to every believer. We believe God has uniquely gifted each believer with gifts and talents to use to advance His Kingdom and join in His mission. There are many ways that the Spirit of God may lead you to participate in one of these exciting opportunities:

    * PRAY for the men, women, and children that will be led to serve by going. Pray for their training, health, and safety as each one reaches out to impact the Kingdom of God.

    * GIVE to this ministry as the Spirit of God leads. Not all are called to go, but some are called to support others through financial resources.

    * GO, extend yourself and be a part of what God is doing around the world! Acts 1:8 commands us to be God's witnesses both here at home and all across the globe.

    Here is where your journey begins journeys are hard work, and sometimes getting prepared for one can be just as overwhelming! Don’t worry we will guide you through everything you need to do between now and when you leave. There are three simple steps to get you started:

    1. Select your country from tabs on the left for trip information and registration
    2. Make sure you have a valid passport - click here to apply for a new passport
    3. Pay your deposit by clicking here


    What Is Sponsorship?
    Sponsorship is an incredibly powerful way to help one poor child break the bonds of poverty. It connects you with an individual child who desperately needs your help, and lets you provide life-changing benefits to that child for a comparatively small contribution. Sponsorship is your chance to build a lifelong friendship with an impoverished child, one that will alter the course of his or her life.

    How Sponsorship Helps?
    Your donation of $336 ensures your sponsored child receives support through the school year. Your sponsored child will receive basic necessities like school uniforms, tuition or supplies so that poverty doesn't stand in the way of their education.

    Where Your Donation Goes?
    As a sponsor, you'll be amazed by how mu ch can be accomplished with so little. Your contribution guarantees your sponsored child receives benefits and support that can dramatically change his or her life. Colegio El Buen Pastor is a ministry of Baptist Church of the Good Shepherd, Calvary Church have a long relationship with them, and with your help we can promote changes on the next generation in the city of Santiago Atitlán.

    How do I connect to my sponsored child?
    You'll be given the chance to personally connect with your sponsored child and build a relationship that could change both of your lives. There are many ways to get to know and encourage your child—through letters, cards, packages, and a visit to the child.

    Africa Mission

    Man UP

    A new "Man Up" mission trip to Ethiopia and Uganda. The focus of this trip is to create orphan awareness and solutions for orphan care.

    May 26 - June 7
    June 15-24


    Jason Clement
    Phone: (210) 382-4354


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    Children are the most vulnerable victims of Africa's tragedies. Thousands were abducted for use as child soldiers or sex slaves. Tens of thousands, fearing abduction, journey every night from their villages to the safety of larger towns – known globally as the “Gulu walk”. Pray for the preservation and protection of the innocent. Pray for the reintegration of former child soldiers into their families and communities, a huge task requiring a great degree of trust and reconciliation.

    Brazil Mission

    The Brazilian National Board of Mission is launching a campaign to plant 592 new churches in the Amazon region until 2020. This mission is going to be a "vision trip" to the Missionary Training Center in Manaus and one of their bases long the Solimoes River. Trip dates is July 20-26. Contact Wallace Costa 727-441-1581 ex. 115, or email at

    Learn more about Brazil

    Costa Rica Mission

    Spring Break trip partnering with missionaries in Jaco, a part of the Radical Life Ministries. Trip dates March 22-29. Contact Lisa Lizano at or Colleen Crowe at 727-441-1581 ex 181 or email

    Learn more about Costa Rica

    Cuba Mission

    This is a new mission partnership with Orphan's Heart, going to Havana, to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of orphaned and disadvantages children in the island of Cuba. Trip dates June 14 - 20. Contact Skip Dvornik 727-741-7547 or

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    Dominican Republic Mission

    Calvary is partnering with Orphan's Heart to work on a large scale comprehensive community development project in El Carizal. Calvary wants to address the spiritual need by building a Community Development Center while working with the local church and community to plant a new church. Trip dates , Mar 15-21, Apr. 12-18, June 14 - 20 (East Lake Campus) June 28-July 4 (CCHS / families), July 5 - 11 (Student Ministry), Aug 9 - 15, Oct 25-31, Nov. 1-7 (medical and dental). Contact Maureen Wallace 703-298-4492 email or Colleen Crowe at 727-441-1581 ex 181. email

    Learn more about Dominican Republic

    Guatemala Mission

    We have an ongoing relationship with the Baptist Church of the Good Shepherd in Santiago Atitlan. There is an urgent need for well-prepared leaders to guide the emerging church in Guatemala. So our strategy includes:

    • Mobilize and training pastors from the Santiago Baptist Association, through our annually Leadership Conference held in the camp ground of El Campamiento Bautista.
    • Strengthening of the local church by providing mentorship and financial support to their senior pastor.
    • Investing on the next generation. Our sponsorship program helps children to attend a Christian school.
    • Compassion based service utilizing STM with the support of medical teams.


    June 14 – 21 - Leadership Conference

    November 15 – 22 - Medical Team

    Bill or Mary Mudler
    (727) 686-7876


    Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala (Spanish: República de Guatemala) is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, Honduras to the east and El Salvador to the southeast. Its area is 108,890 km2 (42,043 sqmi) with an estimated population of 15,438,384. A representative democracy, its capital is Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción, also known as Guatemala City.
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    COST: $1,200 (approximately)

    Honduras Mission

    This is a new partnership with Baptist National Convention in Honduras (CONINBAH in Spanish). This team is helping to build a Bible training Center to teach local Pastors and leaders.

    June 14 - 21

    Stephen O'Harrow
    Phone: (813) 505-9740


    Catholicism’s influence is rapidly declining.
    In some polls, the 80% affiliation rate is reportedly as low as 47%. The greatest factors contributing to this decline include the lack of indigenous personnel, widespread nominalism, the influence of animism/paganism within the Church and large-scale migration to evangelical churches. Only about 20% of Catholics are actively involved in the Church. There is considerable agreement between Catholics and evangelicals on communal and social issues. Pray for a Holy Spirit-driven revival to sweep through the Catholic Church; the impact of this could still transform Honduran society.
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    COST: $1,200 (approximately)

    India Mission

    A new partnership with IMB missionaries in Assam State, India. This mission is going to be a "vision trip" to explore the new opportunities to work in the area. Trip date Mar 5 - 13. Contact Patricia Marder 727-441-1581 ex 111 or email at

    Learn more about India

    Thailand Mission

    The Baptist Student Center (BSC) provides high quality language instruction (in English, Chinese, Japanese & Korean) to Thai students wishing to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. As you get to know the Thai students, you find many opportunities to share the message of Jesus Christ with them. Contact Paul & Barbara Robart 727-797-8830 or email them at

    Learn more about Thailand