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    Frequently Asked Questions About Podcasts

    What is podcasting?
    Podcasting is simply a way to syndicate and distribute audio files across the Internet so that anyone may choose to "subscribe" to them. It automatically downloads the audio you want to hear. Once you subscribe to a podcast, your computer will automatically check for new episodes and download them directly to your PC and/or portable MP3 player without requiring you to do anything. Then you can listen to the audio anytime you want to... exercising, driving, working outdoors, etc.

    Is it free to subscribe?
    Calvary's podcast is completely free of charge.

    What if I don't have an iPod brand portable MP3 player?
    You do not have to use an iPod brand player in order to subscribe to a podcast, but without it, you will need to know the URL which contains the correct information about the podcast. The URL for Calvary's podcast information is Most media players can read this information. See the instructions for your media player for more information.

    What if I don't have an MP3 player at all?
    One of the main benefits of podcasting is that it updates your portable MP3 player automatically, but if you don't use an MP3 player, you can still listen to the audio directly from your PC without having to manually download the audio files each week. Podcasting automatically downloads the audio you want to hear.

    What software do I need to listen Calvary's podcast?
    Listen through a free version of iTunes. We recommend the new version of iTunes, which allows you to listen right there and add new subscriptions by dragging the feed url right in the subscribe portion of the application. You may also choose to get podcasts by downloading a free version of iPodder, the "Juice." iPodder supports multiple operating systems, although Windows users may wish to consider getting Doppler as a podcast receiver, as it is designed specifically for this operating system. iTunes supports Apple and Windows operating systems.

    Where do I get the iTunes software?
    The iTunes software is free and may be downloaded from the iTunes site at

    How can I locate and subscribe to Calvary's podcast?
    In iTunes, you can subscribe to our podcast service by following one of the two step processes below:
    1. Entering The RSS Feed directly: Open iTunes and click on Podcasts. On the top menu click on the "Advance" option and then on "Subscribe to Podcast." Copy Calvary RSS Feed address, into the URL text box and click "OK."
    2. Browsing the iTunes Music Store: Open iTunes and click "Music Store." In the Search Music Store box in the upper-right corner type in "Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater," press "Enter/Return" and it should take you directly to Calvary's podcast screen. Click the "subscribe" button in the lower-right corner of the screen and follow the instructions. If you do not use the iTunes software, consult the documentation for the media player software you are using.

    Click here for more information about Podcasting