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    College Ministry

    The College Ministry exists to love and worship God as we introduce young adults to Jesus Christ and nurture them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.  

    Whether you are in town all year or are home from college for the summer, the College Ministry at Calvary is where you want to be connected for Bible study and great fellowship throughout the year.  And we have a lot planned for you this summer as you take some time off from long nights of studying and early morning classes.

    College Bible 
    Study in the Clearwater Campus Student Ministry Center at 150 South McMullen Booth Rd.

    College Worship Nights: with worship leader Bradley Noblitt at the Student Ministry Center. This one will be a luau-themed event, so plan on eating some exotic food along with enjoying some great music. Bring your friends!

    Trinity College Summer Seminar:  Trinity College will be hosting the 5-day C.S. Lewis Honors Seminar Knowing God in a Skeptical Age, July 21-25.  Find out more about this seminar on Theology, Apologetics, Worldviews and the Intelligent Design Theory at  Seminar cost is $500 for the week.

    For the latest information about the College Ministry and our upcoming events, contact our College Directors:

     Paulie & Kristie Capo at