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    Information For Parents entire family will feel at home in the welcoming atmosphere at Calvary. We have unique environments for preschoolers, children and students. We even offer programs for special needs children. Each ministry area is led by professional staff that manage a capable and gifted team of enthusiastic volunteers.

    You will find a safe, secure, and clean environment for your children to grow, interact with others, and discover spiritual truths for themselves. you visit for the first time you will easily find the right area for the members of your family. It is well marked and volunteers are ready to help with any questions.

    We do emphasize safety and security in our preschool and children areas so a trained volunteer will be happy to help you register your child and check them in. Feel free to accompany your child to their area so that you can meet the volunteers and teachers for yourself and see the environment.

    To learn more about the appropriate area click on the links below.